Art Market: Jeff Koons Paddle Ball Game

J. Koons Paddleball

Sometimes you never know what an item may or may not do. About ten years ago I purchased this Koons paddle ball game edition created by Duetsche Guggenheim in 2000. This was not the signed limited edition of 100 unfortunately, it was the unsigned edition of 900. I purchased it for $150 US dollars. I totally packed it away, never displayed it and forgot about it until today when I pulled it out of the trunk of my car. Yes, I’m the guy who stores art in his trunk, actually it’s a great place, no direct sunlight and minimal dust. Anyways, to my surprise, it is now worth two to three grand and on some auction sites up to six. I still personally wouldn’t pay more than $200, but that’s just me. There are plenty of materialistic suckers in the world who have lots of money to toss around. The value of copies are a very interesting thing in the art world. I’m going to keep quietly collecting and hoarding art, just not in the trunk of my car.

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