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Quantum Theory Realized in CAD – 2007

Digital Illugraphy, Wood, Resin

20″ x 60″ (2ftx5ft)

by Micke Tong

QTR in CAD was created in particular for an upcoming show in Los Angeles titled “The Good, The Bad and The Almighty”. As artist’s, we play a role as God figures controlling what we want our viewers to see or not. It can be as simple as rejuvenating a portrait or as complicated as changing the structure of the human anatomy.

With this piece I have decided to add to humanities woes by creating a virtually new “natural disaster” for Earth, a wormhole. Much like tidal waves, hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods there isn’t much warning before it appears. Here a city unprepared falls under the wormhole’s event horizon causing buildings to be ingested by a breach of space and time. The city to the left is protected by a force field wall, which repels gravitational pulls. One can never under estimate man’s intuition to protect itself. I tried to divide the two cities giving my art two dimensions, one of calm and the other, chaos.

The reason I developed a majority of the imagery “in CAD”, or Computer Aided Drafting, was for experimental purposes. I have been playing guitar for a number of years and songs are played in the keys of A, B, C, etc. Music is defined by sounds; I thought that it would be interesting to treat my art in the same manner. By creating the images in somewhat of a CAD manner, I can still tell my story on a different visual plane and yet, the viewer can still understand my intentions.
This piece will be shown at Swarm Gallery in Oakland for “Arthead SF” a blog created by Nicole Wintermeyer.

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