LACMA in November 2014

LACMA‘s Samurai show was such a visual treat.  The armor for these historic warriors were impeccably made with fine detail, so much so I can’t understand how they fought at all, one would think they would be admiring each others talented clad tailors. These outfits blow away everything you see on Tokyo Fashion or were these just the ancestors of accessory to what has become the mecca of street wear. Wonderfully curated, general public, you must go visit.

My journey also recorded the work of Archibald Motley’s “Jazz Age Modernist”, a New Orleans painter who harnessed the life 1920’s in various African American communities, including Chicago, Harlem and Paris. These painting were so vibrant and dramatically captured a moment during that era.  As I strolled through the show I noticed a group of young men, possibly in their late teens or early 20’s laughing and screaming, “Oh, this shit is racist, this shit is hella racist!”.  I don’t think the young man bothered to find out that Mr. Motley was in fact, African American.


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