Death By Fun

Death By Fun

New works by artist Micke Tong
Keystone Art Studio Gallery B7

Artist Micke Tong introduces an experimental art exhibit which underlines the premise of personal story telling.

Have you ever had one of those stories that begin with the sentence, “I was almost killed today…”?  That isn’t the kind of story people like to have happen, and for me anyways, nothing to brag about because it was absolutely frightening.

Around 1996 I was driving up to my home in San Francisco. I had just moved there and in my first year of art school so things were exciting and new. The sun was descending on the horizon, shadows casted on the landscape were long and it was a beautiful warm evening. As usual, I was tearing down highway 280 in my black Jeep Wrangler. I just passed Page Mill Road near Stanford University when I noticed cars in front of me along all four lanes, abruptly breaking left and right. Some cars swerving, it was common sense that they were avoiding something, a car accident, a deer, I thought. Wrong! as the car in front of me made a hard right I was faced to face with the headlights of a silver Honda Civic. I was thrown into a game of chicken with two thrill-fucks. I couldn’t make a choice to turn because to tell you the truth, I couldn’t, I thought it was to late. I transcended to a place where I literally was ok to die. I let them make the choice for me. Both of us, close to two tons of metal, still traveling at freeway speeds and about to collide when at the very, very last second the driver broke right and passed me like a blur. I kept driving and watched people pulled over on the side of the road gathering to see as the culprit faded away.

Oh, I know what your thinking, big deal, it’s not like you were bit by a Brown Recluse spider or had your throat slashed in a gang fight in the alley ways of Mogadishu and survived. Well, that’s not the point of this show. Death by Fun is getting into the mindset of those fuckers that were having a hilarious time making me think that my life was going to end. It’s a show about morbid humor and where my imagination can take the subject. It’s a show about having a blast and if death knocks on the door? then so be it.

DBF features all new work, ranging in installation, diorama, digital collage and sculpture. The show also coincides with Keystone Art Space’s seasonal art walk, open studios and auction.


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