Possessed, A Group Show

Pop-Up curator’s, Idol Wild, is pleased to present “Possessed” a group art show that touches on the obsessive behavior an artist embraces from idea to implementation. It’s the mode of focus that is depicted in their work and the overwhelming drive that makes them do what they do. Whether super-natural or not, artist’s don’t always know where their idea’s come from, but are determined to make it a reality. In collaboration with Idol Wild, artists Helen Bayly, David Young V, Miri Chais, Derek Weisberg, Casey Jex Smith, Justin Pape, Scott Greenwalt, and Micke Tong are selected with the intention of conveying their visual entities to the public in various mediums. Opens August 3rd 6-10 pm | Keystone Fine Arts 2558 N. San Fernando Rd. Los Angeles, CA 90065 idolwild.info | Facebook.com/idol.wild