Artist, S.A.M., studio visit. (Madrid, Spain)

While visiting Swinton Gallery in Madrid, I was greeted by gallery director, Goyo Villasevil. We made introductions and told him how I was interested in a few pieces by one of the artists they represented, S.A.M. His works looked like ancient pieces of art, strange and yet sophisticated in nature. Goyo had offered up the possibility of a studio visit, in return I wanted to film and document S.A.M.’s art, his story.

In this video, “S.A.M. presents at Swinton Gallery “The Schlagen Richten Collection”, objects, sculptures and posters which show in an antropological way, the history of a forgotten civilization, whose brightness and fall we can admire on it’s vestiges.” – Swinton Gallery


Whitney Museum (New York)

While tripping to NYC, I was able to make it over to the new Whitney Museum in Chelsea. I’ve been to a few biennials in the past and am looking forward to attend future exhibits in this new structure. You can purchase tickets online and set a date.

Find out more about the new Whitney Museum.

Noah Purifoy’s Desert Museum (Joshua Tree, CA)

It was a beautiful and hot sunny day out in the desert searching for the Desert Museum. If you want to witness dedication to art, then Noah Purifoy’s (1917-2004) assemblage work is a must see. His retrospective at LACMA was a glimpse of the what he has built out in Joshua Tree. I urge everyone to visit the Desert Museum and learn more about this artist that originated from Snow Hill, Alabama who has become a Los Angeles icon.


Photography by Micke Tong