Well Done at Hotel Biron

Hotel Biron 2009

Hotel Biron 2009

Hotel Biron presents “Well Done” a group show featuring 14 local bay area artists.  This show is BBQ inspired!

Tami Marcarian, John Graham, Paul Madonna, Scott Greenwalt, Eric Rewitzer, Lil Tuffy, Laureano Faedi, Jeremy Chase Sanders, Doyle Johnson, Micke Tong, J.B. Rumburg, Heather Bernard, Pete Doolittle and Isaac Vazquez

Opens Thursday July 2, 2009 from 6PM-10PM

Hotel Biron Gallery and Wine Bar

45 Rose Street, San Francisco CA 94102

I decided to have fun for this show and do something not too literal and humorous in order to help loosen up for my August show.  Every year Bill Gates has what people call “BillG BBQ” where all the graduating Microsoft interns gather at his lakeside mansion in Seattle.  Here they eat tons of BBQ and pay homage to their tech-idol and ask him Godly questions as Bill is hula hooped by hundreds of PC patriots…

This piece depicts young Bill Gates with BBQ smothered lips.  It also functions as an interactive mask with handles on the back so you can gather your own tribe.  I haven’t used acrylics in a very long time.  I’ve always preferred oils as my medium of choice, but when you want quick try acrylics can’t be beat.  I had as much fun transporting my art on my bike as much as I did making it!

To see more of my art go to micketong.com

Multitude: Drawings by Micke Tong

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 9, 2008
Where: Hotel Biron, 45 Rose Street, San Francisco,
CA 94102
Public info & Event Schedule: www.hotelbiron.com
Contact: Heather Bernard @ 415.703.0403 or
email: macerin103@hotmail.com

Opening on October 1, 2008, Hotel Biron and curator Heather Bernard is pleased to present a new exhibit featuring local San Francisco artist, Micke Tong. This show, titled “Multitude”, will display drawings in black ink on paper.

Multitude is a series of drawings that are based on the idea that “by unifying the many, a powerful visual message is conceived,” explains the artist. The same philosophy can be universal when applied to politics, architecture, wars and social environments. Tong’s drawings are populated by an expansive cast of human, animal, hybrid characters and mechanical objects. For this exhibit the artist uses repetitive imagery, based on inspirations of pointillism and his penchant for digital pixels per inch (PPI), to create a foundation for his drawings. Despite the works complexity the artist avoids any direct narrative, which he consequentially invites various interpretations.

Micke Tong is best known for his future forward digital illustrations filled with strong colors, unique shapes and unusual sub-text. Over the years his works have been displayed both Nationally and Internationally. Most recently he has illustrated the album cover, “Secrets of the Sea” for local band heroes, Loquat, participated in Damien Hirst’s elusive “Ducks” project in London, and will be published in Digital Art by Spain’s Mao Mao Publication. Tong resides in the Dog Patch District of San Francisco and is a graduate of the Academy of Art University San Francisco with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Arts. He was member of the former purist art group, Multi Media Art Collective (MMAC) and founder of The National
Alliance of Art Scenarios. You can find more of Micke Tong’s work at www.micketong.com.