RUSH HOUR: Perform Chinatown 2015 (Los Angeles, CA)

I went to go visit the wonderful and strange world that is performance art. Up and down gallery row on Chun King Road, the street is littered with voyeurs. This was a small window into the many happenings of this eventful day.


Mythical Beast: !Operation Salvation!

Mythical Beast Part 1: Operation Salvation!
Presented by Idol Wild
Music Performed Live by Scott Allen Perry
Original Score by Eric Becker
Filmed and Documented by Eric Curtis
Created and Produced by Artist Micke Tong
Art Performance at Keystone Art Studios, Los Angeles

My first live show for MBP since I moved to Los Angeles, Oh yeah, I moved to Los Angeles. So much fun.  Thanks to all who made it out to see the performance.  More to come.