Capriole by Iris Van Herpen

Influenced by the current global wave of change and the need to inject new blood into today’s design world, Paris, the then nourishing capital of elitism and the old, well-established ‘maisons de la mode’, starts its mini-revolution through embracing new talent in its prestigious fashion rendez-vous, but also allowing open-door policy during the last day of its shows.

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With great attention to detail made ​​Daniel Kornrumpf in laborious detailed work these portraits using needle, thread and a piece of cloth. The embroidery is peppered with so many little details that they seem almost frighteningly realistic. Find other interesting work on his homepage .


by Matthias Goscinski · 06/14/2011 · Art


The whole work of Zimoun deal with acoustics and produce a sound in the collective world as we know them away from nature. Recent works, made ​​of cardboard, minimalsitisch kept small increase, to space-filling structures of geometrically exactly positioned boxes.A small motor and a wire attached to selfsame produce a barely notable noise, which is then in the same amount of installations to a sound noise swells.

Already in 2000 Zimoun held an exhibition in his hometown of Bern in the same year and won the “Youth Mention Swiss Photo Award”. Since followed many exhibitions, live performances, publications and much more. 2011 Studio Zimoun alone twelve different countries will travel there to present works.

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Chase the Tear @ NIAD

East bay Express

DeWitt Chung liked the show and named check a bunch of artists

Timothy Buckwalter

Shattering the conventions that have until now segregated artists with disabilities from their mainstream contemporaries, Chase The Tear blends more than 50 works culled from artists and galleries across the country with those from the National Institute of Art and Disabilities studio program. Organized by artist Timothy Buckwalter, Chase The Tear is on view June 20 through August 19, 2011 at NIAD’s gallery, 551 23rd Street in Richmond. Opening reception is Saturday, June 25 from 2:00 – 5:00 pm. For more information please telephone (510) 620-0326 or visit

Composed of paintings, sculptures and works on paper, Chase The Tear is a reflection on Beth Gibbons’ alluring croon and fractured lyrical impressionism heard in Portishead’s song of the same name. The exhibition features work from Val Britton, Cederick Brooks, Jeremy Burleson, Kristi Dean, Luis Estrada, Sam Gant, Brent Hallard, James Ham, Heather Hamann, Willie Harris, Shana Harper, Scott Hewicker, Chris Johanson, Jeffrey Cortland Jones, Michael Macfeat, Ann Meade, Philip King, Rosita Pardo, Tony Pedemonte, Dean Smith, Rochelle Peterson, Wendell Singleton, Lisa Solomon, Micke Tong, Rebecca Whipple, Billy White and Douglas Witmer.