Loquat: We Could Be Arsonists


My design for Loquat’s new album release. We Could Be Arsonists was co-produced by the Rondo Brothers (Foster the People, Deltron 3030, Handsome Boy Modeling School); mixed by a diverse crew that includes Dave Pensado (Mary J Blige, Beyoncé), Count (DJ Shadow), Glenn Rosenstein (Madonna, Talking Heads), and Ben Ellman (Galactic); and mastered by Dave Cooley (M83, Silversun Pickups).

The album has released internationally on Nacional records!

Listen to the album FREE until April 30th!!





See Kylee of Loquat sing with Jesus and Mary Chain at SXSW!


Hollis Brown Thornton

HB Thornton creates these kitschy image transfer art from old photographs and markers.  He sells these prints from his site http://www.hollisbrownthornton.com.

His art themes upon memory and perception.  Going through his site I can’t help but think of grade school type illustrations with heavy marker use.  Remember those big fat smelly markers they use to give us in school to color.  The ones we used to sniff and pretend it actually smells like certain fruits?  I digress.

One more great thing about Hollis’s site is that he actually teaches you how he creates these transfers!  http://www.hollisbrownthornton.com/information/transfer.htm

Isn’t it great when you learn something new and useful from an artist?!

INVADER on his home turf, Paris


Now they say this is one night with Invader in Paris.  I say, “Wow”. What dedication he has.  Quite an impressive operation, I am in awe with this kid.  I’ve seen his work, as many of us probably have in urban cities, and I quite enjoy the 4-bit tile art.  His pieces are also not invasive, it blends with it’s environment well.  The art reminds me of my childhood and when I see his work it triggers those pleasant memories.  Keep doing what you’re doing Invader, it’s a good thing.

Ben Jones at MOCA Transmissions LA

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/40736579]


[youtube http://youtu.be/C9IrGFJnp_0]


So Mike D. of the Beastie Boy’s has curated a show titled Transmissions, an audio video affair.  Here Ben Jones creates a 3-Dimensional projected room which parallels a driving video game.  It looks fantastic and I will be attending the MOCA in Los Angeles in early May to see it for myself.

For more info: http://www.moca.org/

Colin Chillag

Colin Chillag

Colin Chilag has interesting portraits. Truly fine detail and hyper realist, his work seems to have area’s that are incomplete showing his technique. You also find blobs of paint along side the faces which he uses for application making the paintings even more interesting.

See more at colinchillag.com

Jean Paul Gaultier at the De Young Museum


Visited JP Gaultier show at the De Young Museum San Francisco and it was a sight.  Couture at it’s finest.  You really get the sense that his clothes are a playground for his imagination.  The exhibit was sexy, fun, atmospheric, intimate with a touch of vintage accolades and modern technology.  The models you see are just mannequins with digitally projected faces that speak, cool and eerie!  Although I found some pieces to be gaudy, as should be expected, many of his designs were quite innovative displaying several series of his work from Native American styling’s to the British Punk scene.  The exhibition also showcased some outfits from the movie ‘The 5th Element’.  Gaultier shows his love and complex research of many different cultures world wide.  This show is a must see for lovers of fashion.  The show runs until August 19th 2012: