Hollis Brown Thornton

HB Thornton creates these kitschy image transfer art from old photographs and markers.  He sells these prints from his site http://www.hollisbrownthornton.com.

His art themes upon memory and perception.  Going through his site I can’t help but think of grade school type illustrations with heavy marker use.  Remember those big fat smelly markers they use to give us in school to color.  The ones we used to sniff and pretend it actually smells like certain fruits?  I digress.

One more great thing about Hollis’s site is that he actually teaches you how he creates these transfers!  http://www.hollisbrownthornton.com/information/transfer.htm

Isn’t it great when you learn something new and useful from an artist?!

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  1. thriftyniftygifty April 27, 2012 at 9:48 pm Reply

    It reminds me of one of my sisters who grabbed her school photo and scratched out someone’s face she didn’t like! Great post : )

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