Dolly of Edinburgh meets the Llandscape of Tomorrow

Titled: Dolly of Edinburgh meets the Llandscape of Tomorrow

35″x35″ – Digital Illugraphy on Wood, Resin, 2007

I wanted to touch on the controversy of cloning and how Dolly was the premiere science experiment that has launched mankind to pass a bill for production of cloned meats. Dolly is the only other mammal, other than Jesus Christ, to be conceived without a father or through sexual means. Here she is depicted as walking on water in her afterlife.

Non Sequitor w/ Sacha & Alexis

Black Ink Drawing on Japanese paper for the upcoming show at Ritual in SF:


OPENING: Saturday, November 3rd, 5-9 pm. All are welcome, please come and say hello!
Timothy Buckwalter
Bill Dunlap
Sacha Eckes
Nancy Mizuno Elliott
Christopher Jernberg
Alexis Mackenzie
Paul Madonna
Mike Monteiro
Fred Rinne
Brion Nudah Rosch & Ifton Schlinger
Micke Tong

Ducks w/ Damien Hirst

So Tara and I completed our “Ducks” for Damien Hirst’s project. You can visit this project at

He has asked the public to submit over a 1000 ducks. I’m still not sure what he plans on doing with it but either way its been tres jolie making these things. I bought 2 of these wooden carved ducks on ebay for like 5 bucks. We stripped them of the color and had our way with them…

Will we see these ducks in the MOMA or the Tate Museum, stay tuned to find out!! HA.

Piracy and the Non-Conformist: wood and acrylic

Art Head Uno

Quantum Theory Realized in CAD – 2007

Digital Illugraphy, Wood, Resin

20″ x 60″ (2ftx5ft)

by Micke Tong

QTR in CAD was created in particular for an upcoming show in Los Angeles titled “The Good, The Bad and The Almighty”. As artist’s, we play a role as God figures controlling what we want our viewers to see or not. It can be as simple as rejuvenating a portrait or as complicated as changing the structure of the human anatomy.

With this piece I have decided to add to humanities woes by creating a virtually new “natural disaster” for Earth, a wormhole. Much like tidal waves, hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods there isn’t much warning before it appears. Here a city unprepared falls under the wormhole’s event horizon causing buildings to be ingested by a breach of space and time. The city to the left is protected by a force field wall, which repels gravitational pulls. One can never under estimate man’s intuition to protect itself. I tried to divide the two cities giving my art two dimensions, one of calm and the other, chaos.

The reason I developed a majority of the imagery “in CAD”, or Computer Aided Drafting, was for experimental purposes. I have been playing guitar for a number of years and songs are played in the keys of A, B, C, etc. Music is defined by sounds; I thought that it would be interesting to treat my art in the same manner. By creating the images in somewhat of a CAD manner, I can still tell my story on a different visual plane and yet, the viewer can still understand my intentions.
This piece will be shown at Swarm Gallery in Oakland for “Arthead SF” a blog created by Nicole Wintermeyer.

Blast from the past…

Just wanted to see if anyone wanted a blast from the past. I’ve posted some images that I took at the “BEAUTIFUL LOSERS” opening at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco Jul 17 – Oct 10, 2004…

You can view it RIGHT HERE


Too much to catch up with. I just returned from New York, and as always, had an inspiring trip. Time was well spent with late night outings with friends in Brooklyn and Manhattan. NYC is truly a city that never sleeps, especially on the weekends.

Further more, the OFFF Design conference was good with workshops with ISO50 to private performances with the kids of Reactable (touring with Bjork): [youtube=]

I was fortunate enough to kill many birds with one stone on this trip. In the four days I was in the Big Apple I was able to attend the art show in New York’s Chelsea art district at McCormack Gallery which featured many talented artists from around the US and world, including myself ;). See the vid I shot:
I’ll have more art images up from my first thursday jouney in Chelsea, the art mecca. This is the place where artists don’t F-around, where pockets are deep, knowledge is king and inspiration is endless. This is where you kind of “Seperate the Men from the Boys”, if you don’t mind that generic term, months even years are spent on a single work of art. Artists like Duan Hanson. He has an exhibit now at Van De Weghe fine art: