Colin Chillag

Colin Chillag

Colin Chilag has interesting portraits. Truly fine detail and hyper realist, his work seems to have area’s that are incomplete showing his technique. You also find blobs of paint along side the faces which he uses for application making the paintings even more interesting.

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Jean Paul Gaultier at the De Young Museum


Visited JP Gaultier show at the De Young Museum San Francisco and it was a sight.  Couture at it’s finest.  You really get the sense that his clothes are a playground for his imagination.  The exhibit was sexy, fun, atmospheric, intimate with a touch of vintage accolades and modern technology.  The models you see are just mannequins with digitally projected faces that speak, cool and eerie!  Although I found some pieces to be gaudy, as should be expected, many of his designs were quite innovative displaying several series of his work from Native American styling’s to the British Punk scene.  The exhibition also showcased some outfits from the movie ‘The 5th Element’.  Gaultier shows his love and complex research of many different cultures world wide.  This show is a must see for lovers of fashion.  The show runs until August 19th 2012:

The Boneyard Project

I first heard about this project just after last December’s Art Basel in Miami.  SF’s own Andrew Schoultz participated and it is an amazing thing!!

Ever since 1970s New York, trains have been the graffiti artist’s time-honoured canvas of choice. Every spray-can clutching, sneaker wearing b-boy worth their salt will have let their creative juices flow on a carriage or two. Imagine then, the excitement that being let loose on a ruddy great WWII aircraft would instill in the little critters? Over in Tucson, Arizona – at the Pima Air and Space Museum – that’s exactly what’s gone and happened. OK, they’re not necessarily little critters who’ve been let loose – more like internationally revered street artists like Obama’s pal Shepard Fairey and Brooklyn-based wheatpasting pioneers FAILE – but you get the picture…

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Glenn O’Brien’s Guide to Friendship, Schmoozing, and Social Advancement

Glenn O’Brien was a NYC hipster in the 1980’s.  He was employed by Warhol and had his own TV show which featured Madonna, Debra Harry, Fab 5 Freddy and many other NY icons. Glenn  was interviewed in the movie Radiant Child a documentary on JM Basquiat.  For many years he has been GQ’s style guy.  I read this article a few years back in GQ and it was really a great read.  I wanted to share it with anyone who wants some pointers on how to behave and schmooze at social events 😉

Life is a euphemism for social climbing. There’s no shame in deliberately scaling the social ladder. That’s evolution. We are social animals, and we thrive in the company of others. Finding the best others we can is part of the natural-selection mechanism, and it’s far safer than rock climbing. And getting to the top of society is like getting to the top of Mount Everest, except you can stay there, usually in comfort. It’s an adventure. It’s exciting, like sport. If you fail, you don’t die; you simply relocate and start over.

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