AMPLIFY: Keystone Art Gallery, Los Angeles

Keystone Art Gallery and artist, Micke H. Tong, present Amplify, a multi-disciplinary exhibit which speaks to the human condition through a collection of memories, popular, personal, and spiritual. In the absence of sound, Amplify is instead visually suggestive, letting the audience realize their own internal soundtracks when observing Tong’s narrative work. Personal mental notes and events are influenced, magnified, and even distorted by the artist, fashioning new memories and giving aged and faded thoughts new meaning.

The ancient Greeks had an elaborate method to remember complex trains of thought. They called it the “Memory Palace,” also known as the method of loci. It works because research suggests people are much better at remembering things they can see, rather than raw facts or abstract concepts. – Robert Roy Britt / The Art and Science of Remembering

Amplify is a visual call-and-response, triggering the viewer to examine their own collected data or ‘Memory Palace’. In this riff between viewer and artist, there is a mental conversation, an undeniable exchange. Tong states that, “if our experiences are shared, then there lies the hope of creating a feeling of inclusion. Commonality is our bond.”

As a graduate of Academy of Art University, San Francisco, Micke H. Tong continues his exploration of mixed media works, sculptural art installations, and vector illustrations. Tong’s work revolves around self-reflection, time bending and other-worldly portrayals. His last solo exhibit, Medieval Modern, materialized at the NIAD in Northern California with Director Timothy Buckwalter. Tong is a resident artist at Keystone Art Space, Los Angeles and founder of the curator group, IDOLWILD, which will be collaborating with Swinton & Grant Gallery, Madrid, in 2021. He persistently pursues his art education, most recently studying with master sculptor, David Simon. His work has been shown both nationally and internationally.

Please join us on Saturday, March 28, 2020 from 5pm to 9pm for the opening reception. The exhibit will run from March 26 – April 6, 2020 and is open to the public from 12pm-5pm and by appointment.


Micke Tong