MEDIEVAL MODERN: A Historical Revision at NIAD Art Center



MEDIEVAL MODERN: A Historical Revision

“Medieval Modern: A Historical Revision” is a skewed mirror of the medieval era rebranded to suit contemporary culture. Using various mediums, including sculpture, textile, and photography in collaboration with celebrity photographer, Eric Curtis, the exhibit will reference imagery and tales during the 5th to the 15th century.

This art installation is site specific to NIAD galleries annex entry corridor.  Along this walkway viewers will be greeted with multiple sculptures lining the walls. The artist will be building a narrative reflecting the time and drawing in viewers with modern aesthetics. Objects such as King Arthur’s legendary sword “Excalibur”, draping iconic societal family banners, a vibrant dungeon and tandem relationships between beasts of burden will be some of the underlying themes throughout the exhibit.

Limited Edition (30″ x 20″ inch) C-Type prints are available featuring photographer Eric Curtis. For more information, please contact.