Win Win 5 at NIAD Art Center

It’s that time of year again. Every Spring I try to make a new work for the NIAD’s annual benefit. This helps me experiment with new materials which often spawns ideas for upcoming series. Here I created ‘Evil’, a painted, wired word piece. The wire is gripped and screwed beneath a layer of concrete on a wood frame.

In June, I will be having a small solo show at NIAD. I’m thinking of calling it Medieval Modern. A modern rehashing and manupulation of all things medieval.

ROUND 2 : Benefiting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society


ROUND 2 : Benefiting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Silent Art Auction

Friday, September 18th @ 5pm
111 Minna Gallery
San Francisco

Brett Amory – Curve – Ian Ross – Kevin E. Taylor
Regino Gonzales – Paul Torres – Kevin Scott Hailey
Jon Clary – Allysun Dutra – Ferris Plock – Millard

Painting — Ian Ross
Drawing — Cahill
Body Painting — Derty Keven

African Drums — Michael J Obah

Benefit Benin

Finished a collaboration with THE LOVE MOVEMENT. An art panel that will raise money to help a small village in Benin Africa. Just a small gesture of how artists can really make a change in this world.

The top image is TLM’s finished product. The image below is my addition to their painting. Yes, those are .38 Special Luv Bullets…

“100 percent of the profits will go to buying suppliesfor the children of Benin. Each artist will be able to use his/her portion of money raised by the piece and decide what to send the children whether it be art supplies, soccer balls, clothing, nutrition, books etc.

This could be something really special that we as artists do for a small village, instead of donating money to a faceless charity you donate a tangible good to faces you will see in photos. Our good friend works in the Peace Corps there and the images she sends back of our contributions are priceless….”

The Love Movement