Jean Paul Gaultier at the De Young Museum


Visited JP Gaultier show at the De Young Museum San Francisco and it was a sight.  Couture at it’s finest.  You really get the sense that his clothes are a playground for his imagination.  The exhibit was sexy, fun, atmospheric, intimate with a touch of vintage accolades and modern technology.  The models you see are just mannequins with digitally projected faces that speak, cool and eerie!  Although I found some pieces to be gaudy, as should be expected, many of his designs were quite innovative displaying several series of his work from Native American styling’s to the British Punk scene.  The exhibition also showcased some outfits from the movie ‘The 5th Element’.  Gaultier shows his love and complex research of many different cultures world wide.  This show is a must see for lovers of fashion.  The show runs until August 19th 2012:

Capriole by Iris Van Herpen

Influenced by the current global wave of change and the need to inject new blood into today’s design world, Paris, the then nourishing capital of elitism and the old, well-established ‘maisons de la mode’, starts its mini-revolution through embracing new talent in its prestigious fashion rendez-vous, but also allowing open-door policy during the last day of its shows.

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