Artist, S.A.M., studio visit. (Madrid, Spain)

While visiting Swinton Gallery in Madrid, I was greeted by gallery director, Goyo Villasevil. We made introductions and told him how I was interested in a few pieces by one of the artists they represented, S.A.M. His works looked like ancient pieces of art, strange and yet sophisticated in nature. Goyo had offered up the possibility of a studio visit, in return I wanted to film and document S.A.M.’s art, his story.

In this video, “S.A.M. presents at Swinton Gallery “The Schlagen Richten Collection”, objects, sculptures and posters which show in an antropological way, the history of a forgotten civilization, whose brightness and fall we can admire on it’s vestiges.” – Swinton Gallery


Graphic Play: Purin Phanichphant

Purin Phanichphant’s art is fun. “Graphic Play” has a graphic designers aesthetic, odd in a good way, with intellectual properties. Graphic Play took place May 13, 2015 at Keystone Art Gallery, Los Angeles, California.

Photography by Micke Tong


Matt Momchilov: They Really Want You.

We were first introduced to Unspeakable Projects, a live/work gallery located in SOMA, at Art Pad SF, which took over the rooms at the Phoenix Hotel in the Tenderloin district last spring. The first image we came upon at Unspeakable Projects’ booth at Art Pad was an intricate painting of an anonymous figure tea bagging a portrait of President Ronald Reagan. Although political in nature and sophisticated in technique, we knew that Matt Momchilov had the potential to make waves in the contemporary art scene. Read more at SFist

microHabitat @ Gallery Belljar


Gallery Belljar presents Micro-Habitat new works by San Francisco artist Micke Tong.  This exhibition is site specific and devoted to the physical environments that surrounds, influences, and is utilized by the human species on a tender scale.  Micro-Habitat displays dynamic work that ranges from conceptual art  to drawings to installation sculptures which are made with low-rider inspired candy colored taxidermy forms infested by cities, pre-fab homes and other human dwellings made of wood.  The artist also explores San Francisco’s neighborhoods, creating facades that mimic Victorians, Edwardians and present day building aesthetics.

As an Art Director for Computers & Structures, Inc., a Berkeley company that helps three dimensionally engineer architectural designs for the likes of Frank Gehry, the currently developing Bay Bridge expansion and the new Freedom Towers in New York City, the artist gets to witness first hand the designs that has inspired his show.  He explains how he wanted to engage people to have more of a “God’s eye view” of their surroundings and to be conscious of the affects of imperial real estate on our habitat.

Micke Tong is best known for his future forward digital illustrations filled with strong colors, unique shapes and unusual sub-text. Over the years his works have been displayed in Tokyo, Australia, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. Tong resides in the Dog Patch District of San Francisco and is a graduate of the Academy of Art University San Francisco with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Arts. He was member of the former purist art group, Multi Media Art Collective (MMAC) and founder of The National Alliance of Art Scenarios. You can find more of Micke Tong’s work at

Opening Reception: Friday, August 14, 2009
Where: Gallery Belljar, 3187 16th Street, San Francisco, Ca 94103

Public info & Event Schedule:
Contact: Sasha Wingate 415-625-1749 or


Citi Infestation Doe




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