Whitney Museum (New York)

While tripping to NYC, I was able to make it over to the new Whitney Museum in Chelsea. I’ve been to a few biennials in the past and am looking forward to attend future exhibits in this new structure. You can purchase tickets online and set a date.

Find out more about the new Whitney Museum.



My visit to NYC in May 2009 I visited Catalan Days an exhibit of art and performance.  Here is my short video of the interactive work of Marcel Antunez.

Marcel·lí Antúnez – “Metamembrana”
An ex-member of the Fura dels Baus who is internationally renowned for his mechatronic performances and his robotic installations, Antúnez has been displaying his interest in the human condition in his montages for many years. Metamembrana, the last of these, is no different. Metamembrana takes its inspiration from flamenco performances and is an audiovisual installation with tremendous interactive potential, consisting of a central projection and several interfaces, in which the role of the viewer is crucial.

You can find more of Micke Tong’s work at www.micketong.com.